IEP is proud to recognize the best and brightest who have elevated the industry over the course of their career with the honorary title of Interactive Entertainment Master (IEM).

IEP gives visibility and recognition to those who have earned the respect of their peers by demonstrating the competency, professionalism, and ideals the business seeks to achieve.


IEM recipients are nominated annually and undergo a selection and voting process for admission.  Reaching the final voting stage is in itself a career achievement and enormous honor.  Final voting is performed by the existing body of IEM recipients.

The selection process is overseen by the Interactive Entertainment Master admission committee and is represented by members of the IEP Advisory board and existing IEM recipients from a variety of disciplines that comprise the industry.  

Nominees must meet the following criteria to be eligible for consideration as an IEM: 

  1. Have at least ten (10) years of documented experience working with the interactive entertainment industry.
  2. Nomination is open to all career paths including development, professional, and support activity roles.
  3. Nominees must fully complete the IEM application materials (emailed to nominees by IEP).
  4. Nominees applications must demonstrate sufficient accomplishment and recognition to proceed to the admission review stage.  This is based on career accomplishments and references.


As the industry matures, recognizing the entire
spectrum of careers and professionals that are
critical to the success of our business is a natural
and necessary step to ensure ongoing growth.  

   Gregory Short
IEP President

iem nomination process

Step 1

The nomination period opens and career professionals can apply to receive the IEM application packet.

Step 2

Completed applications are due to for review by the IEM admission committee.

Step 3

Applicants that were successful in meeting admission criteria and review will be will be announced for voting consideration.

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