IEP Launches Talent Transformed

January 08, 2018 | Austin, TX

IEP is proud to launch its comprehensive workforce development program for the video game industry : Talent Transformed®.


Developed over the last four years,  Talent Transformed is a comprehensive workforce development solution addressing the three key stages of transformation for organizations and their employees: enabling awareness, engaging expertise, and inspiring leadership.  

The suite of programs improves workforce agility, accelerates the development of high potential employees, and increases accountability, ownership, and commitment from senior staff.

"Lack of workforce development in relation to change accounts for the vast majority of performance and turnover challenges for employers", says Greg Short, President of IEP.   "To address this specific need for the video game industry, IEP has developed three different offerings that enable, engage, and inspire employees to not simply cope with change, but to seize on the opportunities it often presents."

Talent Transformed is offered on a company-wide, annual license model for employers, in addition to individual licensing.   

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