Joost van Dreunen
IEP Alumni Advisor since 2014

Advisor Bio

Joost was the co-founder and CEO of SuperData Research, a research firm specialized in the digital, mobile and online games market.
As one of the first academics to study video games, Joost also has over fifteen years of commercial research experience in interactive entertainment and technology industries. Before receiving a doctorate from Columbia University on the topic, Joost worked as an analyst on both the financial and consumer-side of the games industry.
Anticipating the shift to digital games early on, he founded SuperData in 2009. Today SuperData is a leading games industry researcher, building on a unique dataset of digital point-of-sale data encompassing the online purchases of almost 37 million online and digital gamers. Clients include publishers such as Activision/Blizzard, Bandai-Namco, Electronic Arts, Microsoft, SEGA, Square-Enix, Ubisoft, and Zynga.
Joost is a recurrent speaker at major industry events such as GDC and Casual Connect, and is regularly quoted in both industry publications and mainstream press. In addition to his business adventures, Joost teaches at the NYU Game Center and Stern School of Business.