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Historically, video game professionals had to rely on osmosis and tenure to develop a broad understanding of the industry they work in.

In today's environment of a larger remote workforce, this approach is no longer viable. New hires need access to industry accelerators that can rapidly ramp them to engage effectively with the rest of the organization.

ENABLE from IEP is the only video game industry specific accelerator program in the world. The program brings together hundreds of experts from every area of the interactive entertainment industry in a curated learning solution.

Onboarding and employee development programs can be customized to your exact needs, while allowing your team to gain in weeks the knowledge that would once have taken years.


Explores the underlying business and lifestyle of video games. 

Areas covered include: financial principles, overhead, industry trends, revenue ecosystem, business models, distribution, market forces, culture, diversity, and inclusion.


Examines the processes, contributions, and careers directly associated with the development of a video game title. 

Each role is reviewed including: primary deliverables, vocabulary, skills required and cross-functional dependencies.


Explores the wide array of roles beyond game development needed to operate a business in the interactive entertainment industry. 

Each department is examined in relation to function, vocabulary, skills required, and organizational interactions.


Surveys major events in the history of interactive entertainment including: evolution, people, technology, notable titles, genres, and innovations, events, platforms, companies, design. 


Examines genres in relation to video games and other forms of media. 

Examines each primary genre and sub-genre, hybrids, downloadable content, and game add-ons. 

Highlights key franchises and best in class examples.


Provides access to the IEP Learning Library with short form explanations on more than 1,000 industry terms. 

Access to recommended books and videos providing deeper insight on each topic.

Would you like to know more? Download the ENABLE brochure today.

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