embracing diversity to make better games

Interactive entertainment is the largest consumer media business in the world.  Every day hundreds of millions of people enjoy the wide range of gaming experiences that are only possible through this unique medium.


Video games provide experiences based in both reality and imagination.   As the audience of the industry has expanded, the experiences being created have become more diverse.  While the world has become smaller through advancements in technology, the breadth of what video game makers can achieve has infinite possibilities.


To fully realize this opportunity it is essential that the industry be comprised of the most diverse workforce possible.  Diverse personalities, ideas, backgrounds, cultures, beliefs, and experiences are a key component to achieving the richly creative working cultures that push the industry forward.


IEP is proud to be the central force by which commercial and non-profit organizations are working together to attract, retain, and develop the a rich cultural workforce of interactive entertainment professionals.


We call it Diversity Delivered®.


Diversity Delivered utilizes a centralized pool of resources in order to support the wide range of programs needed to meet the wide range of needs the video game industry has in relation to cultural advancement.

Programs are reviewed annually by the IEP Advisory Board, and adjusted as necessary to ensure maximum impact from all initiatives.


IEP works with partner organizations to supply high quality speakers and materials for conferences and workshops on diversity and inclusion topics.


IEP works with supporting organizations of the Diversity Delivered program to document and share best practices that have proven successful in the industry.


IEP finances and operates a variety of programs aimed to attract new talent into the industry that have traditionally struggled to gain access to it.


IEP increases the visibility of diversity in the video game industry by securing speaking opportunities and mentor roles for under-represented areas of the workforce.


IEP provides financial scholarships and awards to help individuals access certification programs, attend conferences, and advance their career opportunities.


IEP provides recognition through awards and media outreach for companies actively contributing to the integration and enrichment of cultural diversity.


Traditional efforts in supporting diversity and inclusion in the technology and video game industries have largely been reactive.  As a result funding is often sporadic and limited to one-off events or initiatives.  

Diversity Delivered changes this approach by obtaining consistent contributions from the industry through membership fees in the Diversity Delivered program.  This allows companies to support cultural enrichment initiatives with a clearly identified budget.  

The industry can also make tax-deductible donations to industry aligned non-profits that IEP is an identified service provider for.

Funds are then pooled to provide and allocated to initiatives across the six areas of: education, new talent, scholarships & awards, best practices, visibility, and recognition.

To ensure that programs have maximum reach, IEP works with external non-profit partners who have specialized expertise and reach to the communities and issues being supported.

Through this comprehensive approach, all participants are able to have a dramatically larger impact than they can achieve alone.