6 Tips for Office Managers

How To Survive Your First Office Management Position

by Chase Connoly

Published August 10, 2015

Congratulations! You just got your promotion to Office Manager! You’re excited, ecstatic, and scared sh*tless right? I understand.

This is the ONLY book you'll need to begin your Office Management career!

I have been an Office Manager for numerous companies – established, start ups, failed start ups, you name it. I was the person who they brought in to fix Office Management when it just wasn’t working out. I was like Alec Baldwin in Glengarry Glen Ross for Office Management.

“You know what it takes to run an office? It takes brass balls to run an office.”

That was a great career, however I’ve since moved onward to other things.

The art of Office Management still has a warm place in my heart, and within this book I will share with you exactly the rules that I created to make you a good – nay – great Office Manager.

You are now in control of this ship.

Let us push forth into the darkness, and forge a path bright enough for Michael Scott to follow. From this moment forward, you are not mediocre, you are going to be the best goddamn Office Manager that anyone has ever seen.

Let’s make your boss not regret this decision. 

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