Adam Volker & Bohdon Sayre

Flight School Studio


Published September 27, 2021

Robin Hunicke chats with Adam Volker and Bohdon Sayre of Flight School Studio. Together they discuss building traditional and non-traditional indie games; growing a studio and hiring and learning from developers of different backgrounds; issues with discoverability; and how engaging in a wide range of creative activities can enhance and enrich the development process.

Flight School Studio is a studio of artists and technicians. Collectively, the studio’s creative team boasts top creative accolades, such as Academy, Emmy, Annie, Cannes Lion and Lumiere Awards. In addition to developing self-released titles (Manifest 99, Island Time VR, Creature in the Well, and Stonefly), the team collaborates on innovative entertainment with agency and brand partners (Oculus, Google, Lionsgate, Sony, Dell, American Express, GM, SAP, Verizon, AT&T). 

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